Election Day Part 1

Hi everyone! I'm sure you all know this by now, but Debbie won her primary election by a landslide! Woo-hoo! Here's a bit of info on how that all went down:

All eyes were on the projector that we had setup at HQ. You can see Debbie with her parents on the left!

All eyes were on the projector that we had setup at HQ. You can see Debbie with her parents on the left!

Election days are a bit odd. In 2016, I was working at the KDP headquarters in Topeka for the general election. I thought I would be incredibly busy the whole day. In fact, the opposite is true, depending on what job you have. This year, partially because it was a primary election, election day was pretty calm. I made some phone calls to individuals likely to be home in the afternoon, and texted my friends again to make sure they were voting, but beyond that, it's a waiting game. I felt confident--our opponent chose not to campaign, and we reached our goal of making over 1,000 direct voter contacts before the primary. I wasn't worried, but there's always a little part of me that is concerned. I wasn't very productive all day because of this--waiting is very difficult!

The primary party was fantastic. My mom chose to come, as did Debbie's parents, so that was cool! We set up a projector to show the county results and statewide results. As I'm sure the Republicans were watching our races, the county Democrats watched both ours and theirs, already debating strategy if certain candidates won. The results were slow, but Debbie ended up winning! We even reached our secret goal of her achieving 90% of the vote. It was a great night.

I'm glad you asked! For me, I have to go back to Georgetown soon. But I'll still be managing Debbie's social media, newsletter, and website. She and other volunteers are going to continue talking to voters, this time a lot more unaffiliated voters and Republicans. We have a list of about 1,800 people that we hope to directly reach out to within the next few weeks. I hope to do some virtual phonebanks while at Georgetown. We took one day to chill and relax, but now we're back to talking to voters! 

I'm really glad you asked that! You can donate and sign up to volunteer using the tabs above. We still are looking to raise some more money for mailings, yard signs, and reaching out to people in general, and we're always looking for volunteers. There's something for everyone to do! 

Also, if you're an undecided voter for the 2018 election, please reach out! Debbie wants to hear what issues the people of the 40th district are thinking about. You can use the "contact" tab above as well.

Thank you to everyone for a fantastic primary, please be kind and respectful to one another, and I'll see you soon! Election Day Part 2 coming in 85 days!

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