Getting Started

Hi everyone! It's Rebecca again (and likely always will be). I'm so happy to say that last night we had a great turnout for our volunteer kickoff! It warmed my heart seeing old friends and new, and I know we're going to have an amazing campaign cycle. Here are some pictures to commemorate the event!

Sadly, you don't see my face here because I took the pictures. I'll ask Debbie if investing in a selfie stick is a good campaign expense (that's a joke--those are always kind of risky on campaigns but if you don't take risks you don't win, right?).

Well, this Saturday, June 16th at 8am at the Riverfront Community Center is the legislative wrap-up hosted by the Leavenworth/Lansing Area Chamber of Commerce. Debbie will be there to answer questions anyone has about the legislative session, so definitely turn out to that!
We're also going to start having weekly volunteer sessions every Wednesday. If you want more information, please go to the top of this website and click on the "Volunteer" page.

We just got our last batch of fundraising letters out today. We sent probably a total of 350 with the help of some amazing volunteers. And what did I learn from it? Stamps are actually kind of expensive. I also learned how to mail merge and print on address labels, which was not easy. 
I've also been tweaking the website here and there! The "issues" page is continuing to be updated, so if you have an issue in mind that you want Debbie to comment on, please fill out a contact form on this website. It's hard to know what all to cover sometimes, and as I said before, this campaign is for you!

What a fantastic question! I could literally go on and on about why I support Debbie. I met Debbie back in July of 2016, and though I had been working for the KDP at the time, I don't automatically support every Democratic candidate I meet (which you shouldn't, regardless of what party to which you belong). However, Debbie really earned my respect. She knew the area as a school board member and the owner of A Deere Place. She thought a long time about whether or not she wanted to run, which in my opinion is much better than someone who says yes right away. She thought about the potential consequences for her family, her business, and for the people, meaning that she thought about her capacity to serve them as best as she could, and whether or not it would be enough. Not only that, but she is an incredibly sweet individual and is always encouraging. She saw value in me as a volunteer and a general campaign assistant at sixteen years old, and my hunger for her to win only increased as I got to know her. I knew that she was going to go to Topeka with the people in the 40th in mind.

And that's exactly what she did. Never ever say that all her votes just aligned with what a Democrat would do, because that simply isn't true. She thought about each individual bill in terms of how it would affect her constituents, not her re-election campaign. She listened to your emails, she sent out surveys. And I've said this before and I'll say it again: she did exactly what we elected her to do in Topeka. I'm not an economist yet, but you really don't need to be to know that what was happening in our state before the repeal was Bad. We were hundreds of millions of dollars in debt. Schools were literally in danger of shutting down at one point, and even though that was a remote possibility, teachers like my dad almost got delayed paychecks, which for some would have been an absolute disaster. Debbie was a part of the bipartisan group that reversed this trend. Though no one is ever happy to have their taxes raised, we are happy when the services that our state is constitutionally obligated to provide to us work properly. That's why, personally, my heart was full on the eve of the repeal. Did it mean a tax increase? Yes, but it meant that potentially food sales tax could decrease someday, our roads would be strong, our schools would remain open, and my parents would still have jobs. I'll take that over paying less in taxes any day, and most Kansans seem to agree. 

When I came home from my freshman year at Georgetown, I immediately sought out Debbie because I wanted to work on her campaign. She will continue to fight for all of us, and I hope that I can convince anyone and everyone of that before the Election Days on August 7th and November 9th.

Well, I think I've talked enough for one day. Comments will be on again, but please be a decent person. Remember, if you have any questions or concerns that you don't want plastered all over the internet, you can use our Contact page above! And also remember to Volunteer and Donate! 

Have a fantastic weekend! 

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